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Why We Are Different


Touch of a Paw Spa provides individually customized pet grooming services under a "Pain-Free" policy. We enable pet owners to keep their pets healthy, clean, fit, happy, healthy and living longer. We provide our customers with access to pet's treatments, programs, tools and expertise specifically geared to the unique way pets think, feel, live, enjoy, move, develop and love. We take into consideration every little detail about your pet!



Touch of a Paw Spa helps its customers


- Create winning grooming programs for their life styles, type of homes and season

- Improve pets overall health and life general well being

- Implement expert pet grooming and maintenance programs

- Understand breed specific grooming programs, requirements and limitations

- Maintain an adequate balance between nutrition and coat/skin/teeth/health conditions

- Preparation and conditioning of your pet’s to meet and exceed Canadian Kennel Show

- Standards and other Ontario and National show’s criteria.


Contact us HERE to find out how you can take your pet's grooming to the next level!


We are obsessed with your pet's well being!

Standards of Excellence


Touch of a Paw Spa is not just another pet grooming salon. We are continually studying and customizing our services and grooming techniques to provide the best in pet comfort, safety and care. We keep a "Pain-Free" policy, in which WE (all groomers and staff) are fully committed to exclusively provide services that are for the well-being of your pet. We do not carry any procedures that may hurt or that would be disrespectful to any pet. To the contrary we concentrate and tailor our services to your specific breed and to the individual needs of your pet. Your pet with us is not just “another pet” and that is what makes us so different from the corporate large grooming companies; we are committed to working and taking care of your pet as if they were our very own. We are obsessed with your pet’s well-being and we will go out of our way to make your visit a very enjoyable and productive experience for your pet. Your pet will be absolutely thrilled to come and stay with us on your next visit.



Foundations of Our Services

We have continued our philosophy for deep respect of all pets and extended it into our additional pet services. Now we provide all the services you may require to fully keep your pet healthy, well groomed, well fed, happy and in style in the same place. Please feel free to browse around our website and learn more about all the different services and specific supplies we provide.

Jack always gives hugs when saying good bye!

We often have to stop several times throughout a grooming service to receive unexpected gratitude, and we LOVE it!

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