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Pet Grooming

Regular DOG and CAT grooming is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


By grooming your pets regularly you can prevent certain illnesses like skin diseases and parasites. Grooming also helps your pet to control their body temperatures as most dogs and cats cannot cool or clean themselves well enough, making it necessary to trim their hair and remove the undercoat so their body temperature is sustained and their skin can breathe.


It is very easy to tell when your pet is well looked after as regular grooming make your pets have shinier, stronger and healthier coats because regular brushing and combing improves the blood supply going to the skin.


You show affection to your pets when you have them groomed. You also show other people that you love your pets when you are grooming them often. This is a wonderful experience for both, you and your pets. Also it's definitely healthier for your pets at a mental and physical level to keep them groomed regularly.


Touch of a Paw Spa provides individually customized and pain free pet grooming services. We enable pet owners to keep their pets clean, fit, happy and healthy for many more years. We provide our customers with access to pet's treatments, services, programs and expertise specifically geared to the unique way pets think, feel, live, enjoy, move, develop and love. We take into consideration everything and every little detail about your pet!

With us your pet receives the individualized attention of at least two professional groomers

At Touch of a Paw Spa we maintain a clean, safe and stress free environment. You will meet our professional groomers at the time of your appointment to talk about the service or treatment that you want and the haircut that you would like for your pet.



We use the hydro-surge massage bathing system. This amazing system that mixes water and oxygen under pressure, produces a constant flow of bubbly water that removes loose debris and dead hair, invigorates the skin and provides a therapeutic massaging action that is revitalizing for all pets and specially recommended for older pets with arthritis.



We use the TropiClean Spa line shampoos and conditioners, all natural products enriched with vitamins and fruit extracts that nourish the skin and coat of your pet. This line of products have been developed by professional groomers who understand that not all dog's coats are the same and for this reason we will use the shampoo that suits your individual pet's coat the best.



Since our treatments and services are highly individualized to suit the individual needs of your pet, we offer completely different services for cats and dogs that not only take into consideration the different coats but also the stress levels of the pets, offering relaxing and quite spaces to those pets that need it. For more information please visit our specific grooming page for cats and dogs here below:



Services & Treatments

Thank you for taking such a good care of Peppy everytime he comes into Touch of a Paw Spa. I feel like he is in good hands everytime I drop him off.


Candy Williams



of the Durham Region

We also groom other domestic small pets like rabits, guinea pigs, etc. Please contact us if you want to know more about a specific service for your pet.

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