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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience here.

COVID-19 Pandemic Plan & Workplace Preparedness
Satisfaction Guarantee Policy:


If you are unhappy with a grooming or any procedure performed here at Touch of a Paw Spa please make us aware within 72 hours of the service being performed for a refund or discount which is based on the groomers’ discretion. Please note that after 72 hours all our responsibility ends and it is assumed that you were fully satisfied with the service rendered.


Most unopened items/products in new condition returned within 30 days will receive a refund or exchange. You need to present your receipt of purchase at the moment of the return.



Flea Policy:


Our flea policy has been adopted to ensure that our entire Spa remains flea free and our goal is to provide the cleanest and most hygienic salon you can find. So you can have confidence that everything possible will be done whilst your pet is in our care, to either aid in eliminating fleas or reduce the possibility of any fleas migrating onto your pet.


Our process is very simple:


1. Your pet will be checked on arrival at the salon for many things, one of which is fleas. Fleas can be notoriously hard to find and therefore not always possible to see on an initial inspection at the reception. Often, it isn’t until we commence the grooming process that it becomes apparent there are fleas.


2. If fleas are found on your pet on arrival at the salon, or once the grooming process has commenced, 2 things will happen to minimize the possibility of migration to other pets in the salon:


A. Your pet will be bathed straightaway and given a flea rinse which is an extra fee depending on the size of the pet.


B. Your pet will be isolated from any other pets for the remainder of their visit in the salon.


Please be sure that your pet is on flea medication or preventative medication prior to grooming. Touch of a Paw Spa is not responsible for your pet developing fleas.


Whilst we go to great lengths to minimize the possibility of flea migration within our salon, we cannot guarantee it will never happen. By their very nature, fleas are capable of jumping up to 13in (33cm) at a time and that doesn’t take long to move from one host to another.



Website/Social Media Sites Policies:


No information in any page of this website or in any of our social media sites should be considered professional advice. It's your responsibility to seek adecuate professional advice from your pet's vet before you start any treatment, exercise or food plan.



Privacy Policy:


Touch of a Paw Spa will never intentionally distribute, sell or give away any of your information. The information that we collect from you, on-line and/or in-store is used exclusively by Touch of a Paw Spa to keep records of service and to be able to contact you when needed. We will always do our best to protect your information and keep it private.



On-line and/or Event and/or Marketing Promotions:


From time to time Touch of a Paw Spa offers special promotions and price reductiond for limited time. Please note that all promotions have a dead line and the promotions cannot be combined or mixed with other promotions and they cannot be redeemed for cash or payment unless explicitly written in the vaucher or promotinal flyer.



Gift Certificates Policy:


Gift Certificates can only be redeemed at Touch of a Paw Spa by the named recipient against Services and Goods offered for sale at the Spa and cannot be redeemed against cash or money refunds. If the value of a Gift Certificate exceeds the total value of your purchase, the Buyer will receive a store credit to be redeemed against any future purchases. Store credit is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. If the value of a Gift Certificate is less than the total value of your purchase, the remaining balance exceeding the value of the Buyer’s Gift Certificate or store credit must be paid inmediately at the store at the moment of your purchase. The Recipient of the Gift Certificate is responsible for ensuring that the Gift certificate is kept secure, and Touch of a Paw Spa shall not be held responsible if a Gift Certificate is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission. If a Buyer returns Goods purchased using a Gift Certificate, the Buyer will receive a store credit for the total value of the refund. If a Buyer returns Goods purchased using a Gift Certificate and Payment Card or cash, the Payment Card will be refunded in the amount of the card payment, and for the remaining sum the Buyer will receive a store credit to be redeemed against any future purchases.

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