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We are so happy and proud to introduce in this page all the amazing groomers and groomers' assistants that make up our great team. This is a group of passionate people, obsessed with the well-being of your pets. We are deeply committed to providing with love and kindness the best services and treatments so that your pet can truly benefit from the time spend with us.


Donna Benson

Founder & Owner, Touch of a Paw Spa, Full Groomer

The creator of Touch of a Paw Spa offers more than 20 years of experience grooming pets professionally across Canada.


As many have said it before, Donna's "gentle-magical touch", positive approach and deep understanding of the pet's behaviour is an immediate warranty that your pet will always be treated with the utmost care, kindness and respect.


Donna participates every year in different grooming events around the world to keep updated with current techniques and to bring to the Spa the latest trends in pet grooming styles and animal care.


Come to the Spa, talk to her and benefit from the vast knowledge and experience that she is always eager to share.


Britney Marcussen

Touch of a Paw Spa, Bather

Britney has shown throughout her life a deep passion and love for pets. While going through high school and college she volunteered every minute she could to the Humane Society where she helped looking after the pets and the daily dog walks.


At Touch of a Paw Spa, Britney is our bather/dryer and she is brilliant at getting the pets squeaky clean while keeping a very calming and relaxing environment. She has the ideal attitude and exceptional ability to make any pet enjoy every minute of the bathing process and this is the main reason why she is such a great asset for our Spa. In 2015 she will be starting to train to become a Pet Groomer Assistant.


Britney has 2 dogs and 2 cats at home and enjoys her time off reading heroic fantasy books and drawing Japanese anime.




Founder, Touch of a Paw Spa, Greater and Embassador-at-large

This mother of 6 gorgeous puppies worked daily hand-to-hand with Donna during the set up and initial stages of Touch of a Paw Spa. She is one of the founders of the Spa.


She daily greets and welcomes all our furry pets into the spa. With a couple of sniffs and a couple of tail wags she puts at ease and into a relaxed mood all of our daily visitors.


She is an invaluable member of the Spa's team and, of course, she is always ready to test all of our Spa's treatments to make sure the quality of our services is always maintained at its highest level.

I Wouldn't Take my Dog Anywhere Else!


We have been taking our dog Cindy to Touch of a Paw Spa for almost 4 years. She has never had a bad cut and it really puts me at ease to see how happily she wags her tail as soon as we arrive to the Spa and the staff are greeting her. It's easy to feel that I'm leaving Cindy in the best hands.


Mia Jones



Callie was one of Donna's first customers... She loves Donna and knows once we hit the corner she's getting love... Not been anywhere else since :)


Melanie Lewis



My baby girl Zoe is looking very pretty... Thanks so much Touch of a Paw Spa! She feels like a million bucks!


Sarahlynn May Bond

Thank  you for my groom today! I feel so much better... I posted some pictures of your fabulous work to "Life with Zen". You ladies are the BEST!


(Zen) Life with Zen

I have been going to Touch of a Paw Spa for a long while now. Absolutely love them!! Very sensitive to animals and they do a great job.


Sara Stuart

I love taking Gage. They are so good with him. Great service!


Nancy Perras-Spafford

Wilson has been going to Touch of a Paw Spa since he was a fresh pup and he LOVES going for his quarterly spa days! Donna and her team have always been amazing. Donna is very approachable, when something is not quite right, she wants to know and work out a resolution. Top notch professional who genuinely LOVES what she does. I can't imagine ever going anywhere else.


Kathy Luttrell











I'll be honest with you, I used to take my rotweiler to PetSmart before but what a change from the first time we went to you! Your service is completly different, the atention to my dog has no comparison and he is so happy, relaxed and looking like a million bucks when I pick him up! Thank you ladies, you're THE REAL experts at what you do!


Randy Smyth



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