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At Touch of a Paw Spa we will always make sure your cat looks and feels PURRRFECT!


Grooming your cat regularly helps keeping its coat nice and clean, it can also reduce the shedding of hair, the cleaning around your house and in many cases it can also help diminish the occurrence of cat's "hairballs". In addition to this, with the Nail Trim and Ear Cleaning that are included in our Cat's Services you will help your cat to prevent the painful splitting of nails, the scratches to furniture and to yourself, and the build-up of dust and dirt in your cat's ears.


Your cat will love coming to our spa! We schedule specific appointments designed exclusively for cats, to ensure a very quiet and low stress environment during the grooming appointment.


With us, you can rest assured that your cat is in the most caring and lovable hands. Our team of professional pet groomers will make your life easier and your cat happier while looking at its best.


One of our groomers will personally meet with you at your arrival to discuss your cat’s specific needs and to provide you with some recommendations for the right service to choose.



4 Cat's Grooming Packages Kitten's Grooming

1. Kitten Bath


Nothing better than starting your cat at an early age so that it becomes used to water and to all the nice pampering. Cats that start early will really be able to fully enjoy, relax and take full advantage of future Spa visits when they grow older. This is a service for Kittens up to 5 months of age.


Hydro Bath

Bubble kitten-specific Shampoo and Massage

Towel and/or Gentle Blow Dry

Ear cleaning

Nail Trim

Coat brushing (Minimum 15 minutes)

2. Cat Bath


This service is for those short to medium hair cats who only need a small touch up to look great and who are familiar or OK being in contact with water.


Hydro Bath or Waterless Shampoo

Cat's coat specific Shampoo and Massage

Towel and/or Gentle Blow Dry

Very light scissoring, pad clipping if needed

Ear cleaning

Nail Trim

Coat brushing (Minimum 15 minutes)

Minimum Dematting (one or max two small knots)

This package does NOT include a Lion Cut

3. Haircut or Lion-Cut


This service is specifically designed for those cats who do not like being in contact with water.


This package does NOT include a bath

Ear cleaning

Nail Trim


Very light scissoring, path clipping if needed

Coat brushing for the mane

4. Cat Haircut + Bath


This service is specifically designed for adult cats, with short, medium or long  hair.


Your cat's choice of Hydro Bath or Waterless Shampoo

Sanitary Trim

Scissoring feet

Minimum Dematting (one or max two small knots)

Lion Cut or Trim

Coat brushing for the mane

Additional Grooming Services for Cats
Lion Cut


A lion cut involves trimming down the fur like a "buzz cut" with the exception of the head, feet and the end of the tail. Please talk to one of our professional cat groomers to find out what is the most suitable hair style for your cat.



Please keep in mind that we maintain a Pain Free Policy in all of the treatments and services that we offer at our Spa. Demating your cat by hand may be a very long and painful procedure and for that reason we DO NOT do it. Never the less, if your cat has only one or two small knots and depending on the location of the knots, we may be able to get them out without pain and without having to shave the cat. If the matting is all over your cat, without doubt the best solution is a Lion-Cut and to get your cat in a grooming program to avoid future matting and to avoid all the infections and medical complications that matting could bring to the skin of your cat. Please contact us to discuss your cat's condition, keep in mind that the sooner you treat the matts the easier it will be for your cat.

Spot (selective) Shaving


We offer selective hair trimming, such as sanitary shaving and belly shaving. Please contact us with any quesions you may have here.

Flea Bath Treatments


We offer flea bath treatments for cats but it is very important for you to know that for this treatment to be successful you have to make sure that the cat will be going back to live in an environment that is completely free of fleas. A Flea Bath Treatment will get rid of only the fleas that are on the cat but will not prevent re-infestation and will not prevent any  flea-eggs from hatching after the bath. We strongly suggest that you follow a Flea Bath Treatment immediately with an external treatment like "Zodiac for Cats", which is available for sale at our Spa. Please do not buy just Zodiac from the pet store as this product is for dogs and can be very harmful to cats. If your cat is having serious problems with fleas and the over-the-counter products don't seem to work, we strongly suggest that you consult your veterinary for other flea treatments that require prescription but that may be more effective, like Advantage and Revolution which are external treatments, or Sentinel which is a pill.

Sedation of cats for treatments


We do not sedate cats or any other pets for any of our treatments. We are not legally allowed to use full sedation (general anesthetic) as that needs to be done under strict veterinarian supervision. Never the less we have available at our spa calming lavender essences, collars and herbal (non-medicinal) options to help your kitty relax. It is ideal to use any of these relaxing products about half an hour before your appointment. Please note that we cannot administer any medications to your cat and we encourage consulting your vet prior to giving anything to your cat to make sure it will be ok for you to use it.

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