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At Touch of a Paw Spa we always will go out of our way to get your dog's hair cut right!


Please give us as much detail as possible and even feel free to bring with you some pictures or magazine tear-sheets if there's a specific style that you are looking for, or simply request that your dog's haircut meets the Canadian Kennel Association Standard for the breed.


At Touch of a Paw Spa we are continually customizing our services and improving our grooming techniques to provide the best in pet comfort, safety and care.


We keep a Pain Free Policy, in which WE (all groomers and staff) are fully committed to exclusively provide services that are for the well-being of your pet.  We do not perform any procedures that may cause pain or that would be disrespectful to any pet. To the contrary we concentrate and tailor our services to the specific breed and to the individual needs of your pet.


Either for a Dog show or just for around the house we will be happy to make your dog look at its best.



Our Method

1. Meet the Stylist


Every pet is unique, even within the same breed one dog is completely different from the other. Our goal is that your pet receives the best possible grooming service that she/he requires. When you arrive, one of our stylists will explain the Spa's services to you and then, taking into consideration important factors like life-style, season of the year, pet's age, etc. the stylist will customize a Spa treatment and decide with you the best haircut for your pet. The groomer will also let you know an “approximate” pick up time for your pet. Please know that we do not rush our services and we work at a pace that is comfortable to your dog, so we always will call you on the phone a few minutes before your pet is ready to avoid waiting times.

2. The Prep


In this stage the stylist will trim your dog's nails, trim the feet’s pads (which helps improving traction on floors and preventing pad’s infections) and at the client’s discretion we would remove any hairs (hair plucking) that may cause an ear infection or other problems. Also, if requested as an additional service, in this stage we would provide your dog with a tooth brush and/or an ear cleaning. Your dog’s coat is brushed to check for mats and sometimes at this stage your dog may receive a rough haircut if necessary -which will reduce the drying time. If needed, your dog will also receive a sanitary shaving, to keep his/her bum and other parts clean.

3. The Bath


In this stage your dog is placed in the bathtub or in our Jacuzzi (if Spa service requested) for a refreshing, always Luke-warm and cleansing bath. Depending on your dog's age and skin/coat conditions we may use one of the following shampoo treatments: Normal, Hypoallergenic, Medicated, Oat meal, White Coat, Color Enhance, Flea treatment (please read our Flea-Policy), De-skunking, etc. finishing with a conditioner application to make the coat look at its best and to facilitate the coat brushing process of the next two stages.

As a standard, we do not use shampoos to clean your dog’s face as these products may irritate or produce discomfort on the eyes, nose or mouth, instead of this, all dogs receive a complimentary Blueberry Facial that will thoroughly clean their face in a completely safe and enjoyable way.

4. Blow Dry


We use warm towels and high velocity blowers to speed up the drying time, this also helps to remove the dander, the undercoat and any dead hair that still remains after the bath/jacuzzi treatment.


Once your dog is about 75% dry, we carefully lead him to the drying room where the temperature is just a couple of degrees higher and has a high volume of air flow that will allow your dog to comfortably dry completely.

5. Haircut & Finishing Touches


Short haired dogs will receive their final brush out at this stage. Long haired dogs, or dogs that require a specific style get their haircut at this point and additional brushing until their coats are perfectly looking and matching the instructions discussed during the check in process.


It usually takes us between 2 to 4 hours to complete a grooming service but please keep in mind that the condition of the hair and any additional services requested would affect the amount of time that it takes us to have your dog ready. As a common rule, we would call you a few minutes before your dog is ready so that we can minimize the waiting time. If you have any questions please contact us here.


As long as your pet's hair is in good condition, we should be able to give your dog the style you want; please keep in mind that some factors like behaviour and/or physical disabilities may affect your dog’s haircut. If there are problems with your dog's fur or skin condition we will recommend a treatment to bring it to standards or we would recommend seeking for medical advice from your vet.


We are deeply committed to care and respect your dog at all times. If your dog is badly matted, keeping with our Pain Free Policy, we will NOT take your dog through the pain of brushing the matted fur out; in this case we would right away suggest to have the fur clipped down short and start a regular grooming schedule to avoid having to shave the dog in the future and also to avoid all the complications and diseases that matted fur can bring to your dog.


Please feel free to call or write us at any time if you have any questions or comments here.

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