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We are always researching and testing to bring you new and better foods & treats.


Premium pet food is not as expensive as it sounds!


It's true that you will pay more per pound but the premium foods that we carry pack in more calories and nutrition than the regular foods. This means you will feed your pet fewer scoops than what you are used to, so that the bag of premium food lasts longer and the most important, your pet will be getting top quality nutrition.

We dedicate time to select and test the products that we choose to carry because we know the extremely important role right nutrition plays in the development and maintenance of healthy pets.


At Touch of a Paw Spa you we have available full lines of ultra-premium dry, wet and raw-dehydrated dog and cat food plus many gourmet treats made with 100% natural and organic ingredients. We also offer many supplements to keep and maintain your pet's optimal health.




A healthy diet made with high quality ingredients helps your pet with:


- To achieve and maintain a healthy body weight

- To reduce the risk of allergies

- To improve coat condition

- To keep healthier and whiter teeth

- To enjoy a longer and healthier life

- To reduce the occurrence or hairballs in cats

- To help pups and kittens develop appropiately

-To help geriatric pets enjoy longer and healthier life





We would be absolutely happy to discuss with you the needs of your pet and help you to choose the right food to meet your pet's unique needs. Also if you are very happy with your pet's current food and you have been using it for a while, we would love to hear about it, perhaps we could carry this product making it more convenient and perhaps more economic for you! Contact us now here.

That's the only dog I know who can smell someone just thinking about food!


- Charles M. Szhulz (talking about Snoopy)



Come to our Spa and check out our durable stainless steel dog and cat bowls!
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