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Frequently Asked Questions


At Touch of a Paw Spa we are thrilled to answer any questions that would help to understand our procedures and ensure the satisfaction of our clients and of course the happiness and well-being of our furry friends. Here below are some of the most often asked questions. If you have any other further questions please feel free to contact us at your convenience here.

Do I need an appointment?


Yes please. Even though we would always try to accommodate, it is very important to book an appointment for us to allocate the appropriate amount of time needed by your pet and reduce stress during the grooming procedure. Booking is also the best way to avoid disappointments. You can book by calling us or online here.


For Nail Trimming you DO NOT need to book and appointment but if you have a chance please give us a quick call before you visit us to reduce your waiting time. We strongly recommend trimming your pets nails (dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs) at least once a month.


How long does it take to groom a dog?


It all depends on the size and breed as well as the kind of haircut your dog is getting, the coat condition and the comfort level of the dog. In average it would take anywhere between 2 to 4 hours to groom your dog. To facilitate this process we will always call you a few minutes before the grooming service is finished so that any waiting time for your dog can be reduced to the minimum.

Do you groom cats?


Yes, we certainly do! We love having our feline friends coming to the spa! We have special services and treatments for cats. We have special time cat-appointments to ensure a very peaceful and low stress environment. Check out the services that we have exclusively for cats here.

Can I stay and watch while you groom my pet?


Your pet loves you very much and will wiggle and move around trying to catch your attention and trying to get close to you. That makes our work more difficult trying to keep the attention of the pet and it is not safe for the pet to move when we are using sharp tools, scissors and clippers around it. Even just smelling or hearing your voice at the front desk will get your pet excited. The best is to drop off your pet at your appointment time and pick it up when we are completely done. We will always give you a call just before your pet is ready to go home. You are always welcome to watch us grooming as long as it is not your pet that is in the tub or on the grooming tables.

How can I prepare my pet for its grooming appointment? Do I need to bring anything?


We strongly recommend giving your pets a chance to relieve themselves before coming to the spa. For security and insurance purposes we cannot take your pet out of our premises for a walk. If your pet is nervous, it probably will do better with an empty stomach so that they won't get sick during the appointment. Depending on the time of your appointment please consider if it is convenient to hold your pet's meal until after the appointment. In general you do not need to bring anything for the appointment but if you wish you are welcome to bring your pet's favourite toy, blanket or treat.

Will my dog be in a kennel during the appointment?


This is a Spa for pets and we try our best to maintain a relaxing and stress free environment for everyone. We like to keep our pets as much as possible "running free" while safely enclosed in our premises with their groomers so that they can sniff around and stretch their legs. Please let us know if your dog does not like other dogs or if you prefer that it relaxes alone in a private kennel.

How often should my pet be groomed?


Non-shedding breeds should be groomed every 4 to 8 weeks.

Shedding-breeds should be groomed every 6 to 10 weeks.

Never the less, many of our clients like to have their pets bathed once a month which significantly reduces the amount of shedding around the house and also, in the case of cats, reduces the occurrence of hairballs.

Do you express anal glands?


Yes, we do for an additional charge and at your request. However if your dog or cat has had problems with its anal glands, we strongly encourage to have them treated and/or expressed by your veterinarian. On healthy pets, their anal glands are often naturally expressed during the grooming process when the area is bathed. Please let us know if you have any concerns about your pets anal glands.

Can I bring my dog in for a haircut without a bath?


All dogs must be bathed before getting a haircut. Dirty and stuck hair is not only hard on our grooming equipment but also makes the groomer's job very difficult trying to keep the desired style during the cut. Brushing a dirty coat can also damage the hair and be hard on the dog. Also brushing and drying are part of the de-shedding process and a fundamental part of the grooming process.


In our efforts to accommodate we would only groom dogs without a bath if they suffer of a medical condition that would put them at risk if being bathed. In either case the grooming costs are the same. Please talk to your groomer about this when booking your appointment.

When should my puppy/kitten have its first groom?


On both cases, puppies and kittens should have their first groom as soon as possible after they have received their second round of vaccinations. This allows them to get used to the bath, water, smells, noises, dryer, etc. Getting your dogs and cats used to this process at an early age will help them to fully enjoy the grooming experience.

Do you take dogs for walks during their appointments?


No. Due to safety and insurance regulations all pets will remain at all times within the premises of our spa. For the comfort of your pet we strongly recommend that you take your dog for a nice walk before their grooming appointment so that they can relieve themselves and be ready to enjoy their special time at the spa.

My pet's fur is matted, can you help me?


Pets that are often de-matted associate grooming with pain. Following our policy of only performing pain-free procedures on pet's, if your pet's coat is badly matted we will recommend removing the coat by shaving underneath the matting. The best way to avoid matting is by having your pet groomed once every two to three months depending on the length of the coat. Please ask one of our groomers about the best grooming frequency for your specific pet.

My pet was just sprayed by a skunk, can you help?


Yes. We are really sorry to hear that. This is probably one of the worse experiences that you and your pet would go through. It's important to know that there is no treatment that would eliminate the smell from the skunk 100% with just one application. It will take some time for the smell to go away but we can certainly help reducing as much as possible the smell and the uncomfortableness of it. In contrast to many products on the market that mask or cover up the odors with perfumes and scents, we use a bio-enzymatic treatment to break down and neutralize skunk oils and other odor-causing matter to permanently eliminate many unpleasant smells. Please ask about our 2-step "Nok-Out" amazing odour eliminator.

What if my pet has fleas and/or ticks?


Any pet that arrives to our premises with fleas or ticks will be immediately given a flea bath at the owners expense, usually $10.00. Please let us know when you are booking your pet's appointment if you are concerned about fleas or ticks so that we are prepared for it and we can discuss with you the treatment and its costs. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the presence of fleas until the grooming process has started, if we find fleas we will contact and let you know. Please read our Flea Policy.

         MEET CHLOE

One of the founders of Touch of a Paw Spa. She daily greets and welcomes all pets into the spa. With a couple of sniffs she puts at ease and into a relaxed mood all of our daily visitors. She is an invaluable member of the Spa's team.


The newest addition to the Touch of a Paw Spa team. Martin's functions include being cute the whole day and drink Chloe's water (good thing she doesn't mind!). Unfortunately his responsibilities at kitty school keep him away from the Spa most of the regular business hours.

Thanks for a great make over on my Rosie girl! She looks adorable... can't wait to see the pics! Hee Hee!


Jeannie Turgeon



Donna genuinely cares about her furry clients and does such a terrific job! If you have a pet, take them in!


Shelley Whynot



Thank you so much for suggesting a "lion cut" for my cat... you guys did an excellent job with her, she not only looks great and fresh but she is definately much happier!


Brian Thompson



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