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DOG TREADMILL Healthy Dog Happy Dog

Your dog's good health is priceless.

At Touch of a Paw Spa we are deeply concerned about all aspects of your pet's well-being. One very important aspect is the physical activity of your dog and that is why we decided to bring into our Spa a Dog Treadmill. This is a tool specially designed for our furry friends to use it and keep fit, healthy and enjoying the most out of the years ahead.


Our Dog-Treadmill is ideal for weight management, sports conditioning, rehabilitation and behavioural problems


Today, 52% of dogs are considered overweight or obese. In North America, more than 50% of dogs are left home alone for more than 8 hours at a time. These dogs are predisposed to have a shorter life span by up to 2 and 3 years; in addition to that, there is a list of serious diseases which are completely preventable with the right diet and the right amount of exercise.


Here at Touch of a Paw Spa, we are pet owners as well and we understand that life can get very busy and that is why our treadmill can be an invaluable tool to help your dog maintain a regular fitness activity. We do not intend to replace using our treadmill for getting outside, but it can definitely help your dog reach the levels of intense exercise needed on a daily/weekly basis.

Overweight dogs have a much higher incidence of health complications. Even as much as 2-3 extra pounds may be slightly damaging your dogs vital organs.

Rain or Snow can ruin the best intentions to go out for a run; the same applies if the weather is too hot or humid. At our Spa you can provide your dog with the amount of exercise needed in a temperature-controlled environment so that you won't have to worry about weather conditions anymore.


Our treadmill, which was specifically designed for dogs, is equipped with a shock absorption platform that results in less stress on the joins, as compared with running on asphalt or concrete. This is especially helpful for dogs approaching their senior years. Our treadmill provides an adequate running platform that enables your dog to stride out in comfort.


Running outside means that your dog is tempted to stop and sniff often and while this is also important to your dog’s overall well-being, it doesn’t help to keep the heart rate elevated to promote overall conditioning and health. Dogs that exercise with intensity burn more calories and produce more "feel-good" endorphins, which improve weight management and behavior problems.


By changing the speed and the incline of the treadmill, we can mimic outdoor conditions to keep the mind stimulated and the body adjusting to new parameters to improve strength and conditioning levels. Around us –here in the Durham Region-, many cities enforce tight control on leash laws, which limits the areas your dog can run effectively. If you don’t have space to stride out, our dog's treadmill can be a great alternative to stretch the muscles and work on endurance.



The use of our treadmill is very affordable:


15min $5

30min $10

45min $15

Your dog will be supervised at all times to ensure a comfortable and happy time at the appropriate speed and incline to match the activity level required.

TIP 1:

Frecuent exercise can help you dog avoid costly medical procedures in the future. Exercise is also the best tool to reduce your dog's anxiety and many other behavioural problems.


TIP 2:

Rain or Snow, Hot or Humid, our Dog's Treadmill will provide your pup with the most needed activity level any day of the year.


TIP 3:

You can add a "treadmill run" for your pup at the same time of a grooming or spa service.

TIP 4:

Using our dog's treadmill you don't have to deal with potential running hazards like cars and busy street traffic or salty roads in the winter.
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