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LARGE DOG - Small Dog

We LOVE them all !



We are a full-service pet grooming spa and boutique, we carry exclusive lines of pet food and pet supplies. We are a team of professional animal lovers obsessed about your pet's well-being!


All our services have been designed bearing in mind the different breeds and the uniqueness of each individual pet. All our treatments are specifically geared to match your life-style and the way your pet feels, moves, develops and lives. We take into consideration every little detail about your pet.

With us you take your pet's care and grooming up to the next level.

Our services are for all breeds, sizes and ages of dogs, cats, rabbits and other small domestic animals.

The comfort of your pet is our main



We are passionate about pet grooming! ALL  our services and treatments are pain free. We provide our services with  gentle touch, positive approach and caring methods to ensure that your pet is treated professionally, with love, kindness and respect at all times. With us you can be at peace knowing that your pet will feel right at home!


"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." - I. Kant.

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Our pets are an
integral part of our family.


"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself."

- J. Billings


Our pets protect us, comfort us and give us unconditional love. They complete our lives.


At Touch of a Paw Spa we assist pet owners to return some of this unconditional love back to their pets. Our goal is to provide top quality, healthy, unique, and meaningful services and products for our pets, so that you can enjoy your furry family members for many more and healthy years.

High quality



Throughout the years we have done a lot of research of the products before they go for sale on our store. These are products that we have been using and that is why we have the confidence to recommend them for your pets.


We also care deeply about the environment, so the products (and services) we carry are not only friendly for our pets but also for our planet.

I will treat and respect your pet as if it were my own.

Donna Benson

Founder, Groomer.


Today I took my little dog there for the first time... wonderful, friendly ladies welcomed us & my dog looks wonderful! Thank you!


Heather Young Birnie




We have taken Daisy here a few times and she has always been very well treated and loved. They do a wonderful job. Unfortunately she is short haired and doesn't have to go often but this is the only place I trust my dog with. Wonderful staff.


Lori Lynn Layng



I never imagined my cat would love it so much being in your spa! His coat is so smooth that we won't have to worry about hairballs for a while. Thank you Donna for all the great tips and amazing service! We'll be back soon.


Greg Sinclair



Bella always looks so beautiful after her spa treatment.. great job every time. Thank you!


Carrie Postill Meeldyk

Paws down best "POODLE" groomers ever! My girls are always thrilled to be there! Thank you ladies!


Amanda Wilkins





Thanks to Touch of a Paw Spa for doing a great job with Max! Appreciate your great service!


Shannon Reed Stephens


They did such an amazing job on our little boy Toto. Thank you Ladies!


Tiffany Broadhead

Touch of a Paw Spa is the only place that I take my dogs. I have tried other places in Oshawa but no other places compare. Thank you Donna and all your staff for the great work you do!!!!!


Kathy Lapointe-Allen




I took my two rabbits and it was great. I would like to book and appointment for my three rabbits this time!


Michele Yeates



What do I think of Touch of a Paw? In the words of Mr. T. himself... " I love coming there and being treated like a KING!"


Martin Olenroot



One of the best in Oshawa. Donna & her staff do an excellent job. Would not take Teeya anywhere else.


Margaret Bowers



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